Discover the SIEDESK features

Knowledges base software for express customer support and easy self-service.

Artificial Intelligence

Benefit from a writing assisted by GPT-4 with pre-written or personalized prompts integrated inside SIEDESK.

Customer knowledge base

Make available to your customers all the information necessary for the understanding of your product or service

Internal Knowledge Base

Write guides and documentation internally for your employees or work colleagues

F.A.Q Pages

Create FAQ pages that answer all questions that arise for your customers

Customized domain name

Add a customized domain name of your choice or use a free full sub-domain


All knowledge bases could be optimized for natural referencing.

Free SSL

Benefit free SSL certificate in all domains and sub-domains that you will use

Google Analytics

Integration of google analytics to measure the performance of your articles

AI Live Chat

Coming soon!

Offer an exceptional client experience thanks to our knowledge base tool

Answer your clients' questions quickly and efficiently using our client knowledge base tool. Simplify their experience by providing them with easy access to the information they need.

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Evaluate the performance of your knowledge base

Centralize your internal and client knowledge base. Provide your team with easy and quick access to all the information they need.

Simplify the management of your documentation articles and your FAQ pages

Easily create efficient and precise FAQ pages using our IA-assisted tool. Simplify the management of your help center by offering your customers clear and precise answers to their questions.

Collaborate effectively with your team

Siedesk is also designed to facilitate collaboration among your team members. Thanks to our solution, easily share your knowledge and work together to create effective content. Offer your customers optimal user experience through efficient and unified help center management !

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